Changing lives one penny at a time.


Changing lives one penny at a time.

A Very Special Penny:

Since the young age of 7, Koedi has heard from God that pennies are important. That one penny could be turned into thousands to help others. She has been very firm in her belief that each penny donated to Graced should be touched, because they matter. She did not want coin machines to count her pennies, or banks to roll her pennies. She wanted her or herself within graced to touch every penny. She has collected, saved, and cherished every penny that has come her way for 6 years. After a little criticism of her wasting her time on rolling pennies when she could be out searching of ways to get more pennies, she continued to do what God was leading her to do.

A family wanted to be involved with Graced and asked if they could spend some of their nights rolling pennies. Koedi, after the third night received a fun picture, incredible text and the next day a mom with tears in her eyes telling her this story of the penny.

As they were rolling countless pennies, they came across one that was a different weight and size. After examining it more closely, they decided to research it.

That one penny is worth $1,000.00!

This is a good lesson that perseverance pays off, and pennies are worth something. Koedi was able to send 3 children to church camp because of one penny. 

This is why she wants youth all over the world to come together and see what a difference their pennies added together can make.