Changing lives one penny at a time.


Changing lives one penny at a time.


Growth From Pennies: Convincing friends, family, and anyone who will listen to collect pennies and put them to good use has grown into the organization of Graced Ministry. So far, Graced Ministry has sent 12 students to camp and created over 300 Graced Packs.

How it all began

When Koedi was seven years old God placed the desire in her heart to help people. She noticed that homeless people are overlooked, often not noticed, or even considered “not worth much”. She realized that is often how people look at pennies. They see them, but step over them, not even taking the time to stop and pick them up. They sometimes even throw them away… Seriously? 

That penny is worth something and so are people.  Each time we pick up a penny and gather it, collecting it because it has significance to us, we add to it’s worth.  A penny is the beginning of great things that can be accomplished. A person is not insignificant.  Something as small as a penny can be the beginning of  change. A piece of change to make change for that not insignificant person.

Where We Hope To Go: As we continue to collect pennies, our hope is to increase the ways it might impact others. The mission of Graced Ministry is to change lives one penny at a time.